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To Junsu, Brazil was place he would keep in his memories.
It was somewhere where he finally understood the meaning of five.
The day before he was to leave for Brazil, Jaejoong was so anxious, he kept repacking Junsu’s luggage, adding things and then taking them out. Yunho was worse, he kept asking Changmin about the flight details; and Changmin would forget every single time. Yoochun kept disappearing into the washroom, reappearing ten minutes later, in fresh clothes.

The next morning, Junsu awoke to find himself on the sofa, the other four sleeping on the floor. He smiled at the sight, got ready, wrote a note, and left for the airport. The moment he reached the Brazilian airport, he was rushed to the filming site. A minute was given for introductions, and the work began. He didn’t even have time to react; and suddenly he found himself on the roof of a building, trying to sing and strum a guitar.

The day ended late and the instant his phone was switched on, he found plenty of messages from his bandmates. Days later, his body was on the verge of breaking and he found himself on another plane to Paris – he was told it was for their new photo book.

“JUNSU YAHHH!!!!!” three hands were waving frantically at him as he stepped off the bus. The youngest was smiling like a dork, happy his hyung was back safely. He felt his muscles relaxing; his mouth shifted into a grin, his laugh filling the air. Yunho was the first, squeezing his face, and then Yoochun, touching his face, his hair flying in the wind. The four of them proceeded to give him a group hug, Jaejoong taking his luggage and they were all asking him questions at the same time.
“How was it? Was it really warm there?”
“Why didn’t you call us or reply to our messages?”
“Did you miss us?”

He looked at the four of them, and he knew he would never want to leave them ever again.
Five would never be complete without one.
Title: The meaning of Five.
Author: vicvickyrox
Rating: G
Genre: family
Length: 337 words
Characters: Junsu-centric, OT5
Comments: double and a half drabble version posted at [link] dbsk_flashfic (for drabble challenge 16: Reunion)
autumn-wind Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2008
this is so cute and heart warming :)
vicvickyrox Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2008
OT5 <3
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June 4, 2008
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